Beauty and the Beast get’s a Reality Check

                                        Beauty and the Beast

 Many people believe that true beauty is only skin deep. How deep, however, is the real question. The Disney classic, Beauty and Beast, tells of Belle; a young, beautiful woman who falls in love with a man who is cursed with the face of a beast. When the curse is lifted, Belle realizes that she fell in love with the Beast. A beautiful woman learns to love a man cursed with an ugly face is an idealistic lesson for society. However, it is unrealistic. Unless Beast were to become an overnight billionaire, he wouldn’t find love in this day and age. There’s a reason why the movie is geared toward children.

 As we become an adult, we learn that forming relationships isn’t as easy as a Disney love story. When you take away the magic, the love potion and the excessive singing, you’re left with physical attributes. Personality may make up ninety-percent of a person, but it’s certainly not the first thing people notice. Research  shows that within in the first five seconds of meeting a new person, we base our initial impressions off their physical appearance. Thoughts like “She’s pretty” or “He’s too tall” and “Look at that mole” run through our minds all the time. Is our criticism of another person’s physical attributes shallow? Yes. We hate to admit it but looks determine every aspect of our lives.

 It determines whether or not we work at an insurance company, how many friends we make and attracting the opposite sex. Attraction may lie in the eyes of the beholder and rightfully so, but expect society to throw in it’s two cents. If you think about it, how many unattractive actresses, models or singer’s are actually famous? How often do they appear on commercials for Cover Girl? Most of you would agree with me when I say ‘not that many.’ Why? Because America is obsessed with good-looking people, thanks to Hollywood. We see them all the time on Tv; women who wear excessive amounts of make-up and are photo-shopped, while the men are ripped. These images are everywhere, even in Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast. This society isn’t like the old days where little girls and tweens look their age. Nowadays, fourteen year olds look like they’re in their twenties. My eighteen year old cousin looks like she just stepped off the Victoria Secret Runway. Beauty has become something of a huge profit-making, fashion trend that’ll never go out of style. If you’re not with the program, you get left behind.

Although, some of you may ask what exactly defines beauty. We all try to say that the word has an ambiguous meaning or that there’s multiple definitions. It all depends on the person and what they look for in a partner, right? I bet ninety-percent of those people’s profiles say (in so many words) ‘I want someone’s whose attractive.’ Correction, physically attractive. If it were true that there’s always someone for anyone, I would’ve had a date right now. I haven’t been on one single date since Middle school. I’ve read blogs and stories online of people who are mistreated by people because they’re ugly. They tried everything to change their appearance like putting on make-up, wearing fashionable clothes or even trying a new hairstyle but nothing worked. Some people-no matter what-can never be beautiful, attractive or sexy. Some of us are born unattractive due to genetics and the world treats us unfairly. Rarely do we get the hot-guy next door, a higher paying job or get in for free at a night club. It’s shallow to say that the opposite is true. Attractive women argue they have struggles too like getting rejected for a job, a casting role in a drama series or can’t make any real friends because people are intimidated by them. They don’t nearly go as unnoticed, unpopular and jobless as an unattractive person does. If you google a few articles and scientific studies on ‘being ugly’ you’ll understand what I mean when I say ‘beauty makes the world go around.’

Our outer-appearance and gene make-up is more important than what’s on the inside. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, have a great personality or help out at the soup kitchen. Society doesn’t care what kind of person you are anymore, they only care that you look-good. So the next time you say that beauty is only skin deep, ask yourself how deep is your beauty? Is it as deep as your heart or less than that. From what I’ve learned, beauty is only face-value.


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