Naughty vs. Nice. Who wins?


A couple of nights ago, I was up a quarter till twelve reading an article on a bizarre study that tested whether or not nice people will lead the human civilization into an era of darkness. First, I would like to know where these scientists are getting their research from and why. Second, is this really plausible question? Haven’t we figured out the answer yet?

Seriously, it doesn’t take a man in a fancy white coat and googles to look outside our windows to know that high-school dropouts, the “bae bae kids”, drug addicts and murders are the most inconsiderate of us all. They’re cable of anything that rhymes with insanity. To conduct a study on whether or not a nice person is more willing to kill an innocent individual than a troublemaker is ridiculous. The article states that scientists believe that because a nice person seeks acceptance from others they would kill an innocent just to obtain approval. On the other hand, a bad kid will defy the rules of conformity and reframe from killing an innocent person. In other words, one is a pushover and the other is assertive. They are correct that a passive person is more willingly to please other’s, which can lead them to make bad decision’s under the influence of others. However, the main goal of a passive person is to encourage a person to like them, not cause harm. After living with a relative who is relatively passive, I would say that she has the biggest heart and compassion for the human race. Her family takes advantage of her because of it, but she’d never try to kill them.

I will admit that we do hear those stories about how the “Sweet Susie” or “Good-hearted Homer” eventually cracked and went on a killing spree around town. The witnesses always say “He was such a good boy . . . I never suspected he’d do such a thing.” Now nice and shy people get a bad rep for being crazy. Everyone thinks that because they’ve been pushed around so much they’ll go insane. This is a stereotype. Everyone cracks under pressure but how one individual reacts, is not the same for everyone else. According to statistics, most aren’t that extreme either.

More or less, this experiment was nothing but a dead end. Their analysis of the human emotion was irrelevant, biased and crude. The study was more of a mockery of the few compassionate people left in this world; the only ones who actually give a shit about it.  The way I see it, bad people are already ruling the world. We’ve seen so many rap and pop artists, movie stars and celebrities tell kids today that “It’s okay to smoke”, “Don’t go to school”, “Get in trouble more often” or “Have unprotected sex.” If you’ve noticed, no one is nice anymore. Guys don’t hold doors for their ladies, senior citizens gut their grandchildren and children spank their parents. This generation is full of bad people and the up and coming ones, won’t be any better. It’s just like my grandmother always say’s, every generation gets a little smarter, a little wiser and dumber, all at the same time. Unfortunately, she’s right. This world will end in fire and destruction because of humanity’s stupidity and ignorance.


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